Heritage, Where the spirit wind reminds me of who I am ”

— Shelley Morningsong

Biography .... 

2019 Native American Music Awards "Artist of the Year" Singer, Songwriter, Grammy Member, ASCAP Member, Photographer, Shelley Morningsong (N. Cheyenne) has recorded seven sensational Native American Contemporary albums and has emerged as one of New Mexico’s finest Native performers. Going back to the start of her career, right out of the gate, she won Debut Artist of the Year for her very first album „Out of the Ashes“ in 2006. Morningsong has received five Native American music awards since, among other awards and accolades, including Native American Music Awards “2019 Best Blues Recording for her newest Cd called Simple Truth” also “2017 Artist of the Year for Love Medicine” also “2011 Record of the Year” for Full Circle“ With an alto voice that pulls from the depths of her cowboy boots, and songs with lyrics that cut to the heart, Morningsong will appeal to those who enjoy the music of Buffy Sainte-Marie and Bonnie Raitt. Morningsong has played guitar since she was a youngster, when she also learned to play the classical flute. Since then she’s mastered the Native flute, on which she performs skillful, heartfelt instrumentals on some of her compositions.

Shelley also writes theme songs for organizations that she believes in. She has written the theme song for a very reputable organization in Colorado Springs called One Nation Walking Together which is featured in the promotional video for One Nation Walking Together.  One Nation has an outstanding reputation for and are committed to helping Native American families in need across the United States. She also wrote the theme song for Electro-Magnetic Health, a group of scientist's who are working hard to bring awareness concerning the effects of micro magnetic waves on the earth, humans and nature.


Shelley's husband and musical partner Fabian Fontenelle (Zuni/Omaha) adds a breathtaking and beautiful element to their performance with his traditional northern plains style dancing, storytelling and drumming. Fabian is part Omaha and dances in the Northern Plains style to also bring honor to his Omaha family and people. He has a life long history since he was a child of dancing with his family dance group from Zuni Pueblo called the Zuni Rainbow dancers originated by his Grandparents in the early 1900’s. He has recorded a beautiful album called Songs of our Ancestors/Songs of the Zuni People“ to honor his beloved Zuni/ Ashiwi family and people which also includes songs written by his Grandmother in the year 1919. Fabian is also an original member of the American Indian Dance Theater. He has been a Choreographer, Educator and Historien on Native American Culture for many years. He has worked with several museums as an educator including the Buffalo Bill Center of the West Museum of the Northern Plains in Cody, Wyoming. He has worked on several History Channel episodes as an actor and cultural advisor and as an actor in the famous Stephen Spielberg series called „Into the West“ and „Comanche Moon“. Shelley and Fabian met in 2001 as they joined together on tour with Robert Mirabal’s Music from a Painted Cave, a long running PBS special. Shelley and Fabian live in the Village of Zuni Pueblo in Northwestern New Mexico where Fabian was born and raised. As independent artist‘s they hope to bring education, peace, love and unity among all through their music, stories and dance! 



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