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Finally finished, the wonderful new theme song for the organization called One Nation Walking Together out of Colorado Springs! written by Shelley Morningsong and recorded and produced by Shane McConnell of Rock Shack Music Productions.
One Nation Walking Together is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of Native American Indians living on reservations as well as providing programs for urban Indians.  Our charity is about people giving to people, NOT TO A CAUSE.                               

Please show your support today at www.onenationwt.org

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New Album "Love Medicine"

Love Medicine

by Shelley Morningsong

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Brand New Album!

  1. 1 We Didn't Ask Why 05:43
  2. 2 Your Love, My Medicine Remix 03:46
  3. 3 Interlude 00:07
  4. 4 Surrender Interlude 00:30
  5. 5 Surrender 03:24
  6. 6 She talks to the animals 03:57
  7. 7 Interlude 00:15
  8. 8 Peace & Love 03:43
  9. 9 Love came to rescue me 04:43
  10. 10 One by One 03:47
  11. 11 Outro 00:07

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Photography by Karen Kuehn www.karenkuehn.com
 Raj Naik www.rajnaik.com and Nancy Smith Jones

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Blessings to everyone for a beautiful day, if you're struggling with something I pray for your strength and courage.
Many blessings,


Native American Music Award Winner Releases Sensational 2015 Album
Albuquerque, NM (June 21, 2015) - Native American singer/songwriter and winner of the Native American Record of the Year 2011 out of New York State, Shelley Morningsong, has released her long-awaited album “Love Medicine”.
The album features eleven enriching songs that take listeners on a journey of nostalgic melodies. The title track “Your Love, My Medicine (the remix)” was written by Morningsong and is dedicated to her husband. The first song on the album “We Didn't Ask Why” is currently ranked number 1 on the Reverbnation's Albuquerque Indie Charts. This brand new album for 2015 is expected to be another resounding success.
Fans will not be disappointed with “Love Medicine” and as always, the lyrics are tight and indicative of Shelley's prolific song writing skills. It's a great new album with a fantastic vibe!
Love Medicine was recorded and produced by good friend and musician/producer, Shane McConnell, of Rock Shack Music (www.rockshackmusic.com) The album is the perfect remedy for those who want to experience the tranquillity and inspiration that resonates from the music and Shelley's rich, alluring alto voice.
Shelley is excited about the launch of this new album. When asked about the inspiration behind Love Medicine, she said: "This album was inspired by the love I have for my husband and my culture, and I love Rock and Roll! She further added, "The first song on the album, We Didn't Ask Why, is a combination of storytelling with a Rock feel to it.
Shelley's husband, Fabian Fontenelle is a very important element of her performances. As Shelley sings, Fabian enchants the audiences with his traditional northern plains style dancing, storytelling and skillful drumming.
The duo is committed to delivering a performance that touches the audience to the core. One attendee of one of their concerts said: "The show was phenomenal. It just touched me deeply. It was a blending of old traditional and the modern and they do it beautifully. I guess what I am going to take with me is the peacefulness that came from it. My heart was ignited and I want to see them again!"
Shelley and Fabian have a number of shows lined up for 2016. They will be performing for audiences during 2016 in California, Colorado, Tennessee, New York, Florida, Germany and their home town of Albuquerque, New Mexico to name a few. For tour dates, visit: http://www.shelleymorningsongonline.com/.
Since 2006 Shelley has recorded 4 ground breaking albums starting with Out of the Ashes (NAMMA Debut Artist of the Year) Heart Songs of the Native American Flute and Full Circle (NAMMA Record of the Year) all recorded and produced by Grammy Award winning producer/musician Larry Mitchell (www.larrymitchell.com) Her latest release Love Medicine is available on CD and MP3 formats and can be purchased on the artist's website at:
Media Contact: Shelley Morningsong
Email: shelleymorningsong@yahoo.com

New Christmas Album! 

So proud to announce our new Christmas Album "Christmas Classics" available as an MP3 album at www.shelleymorningsongonline.com

New Album for 2015!! 

Shelley's brand new album called "Love Medicine" is finished!! Final copies are on their way right now and we are all so excited to get them into our hands! If you are interested in ordering a hard copy you will need to email Shelley at: shelleymorningsong@yahoo.com ... In September when Shelley and Fabian return from Germany we will have hard copies available in the Reverbnation Store. The new album will also be available at Shelley's live concerts! 

Surprise Music Single! 

You are all in for a big surprise when the legendary Pat Vegas (of the original 70's Native American rock band Redbone) and the award winning singer/songwriter, Shelley Morningsong collaborate- stay tuned for the upcoming single that will sure be a hit on the music charts !

Update on New Album! 

We're still working hard in the studio with the amazing Shane McConnell of Rock Shack Music!  I truly believe in this new album and can't wait to share it with you all. Shane has added an incredible power and depth to the music with his guitar, vocal, arranging and production skills. We are looking at a release sometime in June! 

New Band Member! 

Fabian and I want to welcome our newest member and most awesome guitar player to our musical family. 
D' Santi Nava from Santa Fe, New Mexico ...
welcome to the family!! Looking forward to lots of fun, laughter and great music with you D! We love you <3


New Upcoming Album! 

We're working hard in the studio with Shane McConnell. We have a big surprise for you, this new album is one of the funnest projects, what a total blessing! Can't wait to share. Much love to you all

Music Festival in Germany! 

 Fabian and I can hardly believe it!! We are going to Germany and will be performing there the first two weeks of August. I feel a bit nervous and excited all at the same time. We'll be at a western themed park called Pullman City. Really looking forward to it, I'll take lots of pictures and post as soon as we get home!! 

Love Came to Rescue Me 

So thankful to Shane McConnell (rockshackmusic.com) for the recording and filming of this song and video which are very meaningful to me! There are people that have passed through all of our lives at one time or another and not wished us well or tried to cause us harm either physically or emotionally. I truly believe our beloved Creator always has a plan in spite of anyone who would put their foot out to trip us on our journey. Against all odds, we are destined to do great things in our lives if we believe it no matter what we face. I wish you peace, love and empowerment to become all that you can be. Make your mark in this world for the good of all!

Love, Shelley

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